Our Story


Owner Mark Molinar established the firm in 2004 and has since developed an approach dedicated to four categories which starts with-

1. Client Listening

2. Research & Analysis

3. Design

4. Construction Drawings

Molinar Home Design has a deep understanding of maintaining important relationships established during the collaboration process of design and construction, resulting in numerous partnerships. The team has tackled an array of projects from additions, ADUs, custom homes, multi-family, and tenant improvement projects. MHD designs projects that can be found throughout the East Bay.

There may be a lot of architects in the the Bay Area, but our firm has specific experience and expertise in a variety of projects. We pride ourselves on helping our client's ideas go from dreams to reality. 



Mark Molinar 


Mark is the founder of Molinar Home Design and a Principal Architect in the design construction business for 25 years. Originally from San Diego county, Mark was fortunate to be introduced to drawings from a Walt Disney artist. Mark now resides in the Bay Area where he spends time with his family, working around the house, and watching basketball. The Bay Area is also where he founded MHD. Over the years, Mark developed his expertise in residential homes- and with his solid background, he uses his expertise as a foundation for MHD. Using his specialization in the design process of architecture, collaboration, and mentoring, he pushes MHD towards helping the Bay Area grow with his firm's thoughtful and creative designs.


Michael Suchocki


After graduating architectural studies in Rhode Island, Michael sought adventure crossing the country splitting his interests between helping owners design and set up new restaurants, working as a chef, building barns and homes in Wisconsin and being a carpenter’s apprentice in San Francisco. He then enjoyed 24 years of employment in a prominent international architecture firm in Pleasanton, California.  From his experience there, he excelled at designing wide-ranging residential projects. Michael also enjoyed working with many custom clients over the years where he grew to love the intense personal enrichment architecture can bring to clients and their families. This led to a partnership with Mark Molinar who had already established a strong client base for over 17 years.


                      Michael Lee

 As a fourth year Architectural major at Cal Poly, Michael is a also a drafter for Molinar Home Design. His specialization in 3d modeling, visualization, and drafting provides the firm with detailed renderings for clients. Away from the office, Michael loves hiking, bike riding, and photographing around the Bay Area. All of these hobbies help him inspire his architecture works and renderings.


                     Parker Bryan

After growing up locally in Pleasanton, CA, Parker later attended University of Idaho where he spent 5 years studying architecture. After finishing his degree, Parker gained experience in the industry to where he now finds himself as a Draftsman at MHD. His expertise in drafting and sketching helps push MHD into new boundaries creatively. When he isn't drafting or sketching, you can find Parker road biking, skiing, golfing, and fishing. 


                       Riley Yarra
                            BLUEPRINT SHOP/ DRAFTER

Coming into MHD, you're more than likely to be greeted by Riley- who we like to deem "The Face of the Shop". Riley grew up in Dublin CA he spends his time playing the guitar, watching the Golden State Warriors win championships, skating, and drawing. Dublin CA is also where he runs The Blueprint Shop. In partnership with Molinar Home Design, Riley specializes in printing models and construction documents for MHD. He assists with the process of designing construction documents and organizes MHD's workspace.


                    Parker Bryan
                                 DRAFTER/ MARKETING

From San Jose California, Ace has been around the Bay Area change his whole life. He noticed many of the buildings change, and became interested in the process of Architecture. With a passion in Green Architecture Building and designing, he assists in projects that need more economical designing. He is currently an intern for MHD where he helps with Marketing and drafting. When he is away from architecture, you can find him playing ice hockey, and reading mystery books. 

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