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At Molinar Home Design, we use a 6 STEP PROCESS to help you achieve your VISION, and turn it into a REALITY. 


Design Phases

1 - Scope of Project

This is the start of the process, an in this step, we gather information about your project. This will help us get a full idea of what your vision is and the requirements needed to turn it into Reality.


2 - Design 

This is the fun part of the process where we will collaborate and work with you to help design your vision. This phase includes Architect researching some of the City of/County zoning and design standards.  Client will provide any other lot restrictions, such as easements, setbacks, height limits, etc


3 - Construction Drawings

After final written approval of design drawings by the Client, and/or (City/County) Planning Division if needed, construction drawings will be started. Construction drawings will reflect necessary information required for a building permit and for construction of the project.


4 - Building Permit

After completion of the Construction drawings, Architect will provide the required numbers of sets of drawings, either in electronic format or hardcopy, to the Client/General Contractor for submittal.

5 - Construction Bidding/Management

During the Bid phase, Architect may provide consultation as requested for opinions on bids, methods, and cost of construction. Architect may also answer questions, issue addenda, or prepare additions and revisions to Construction Documents as clarifications for bid purposes as Extra Services. After bidding, Client will be responsible for providing the last remaining documents to the Architect that pertain to the development of their project.



A cohesive and detailed conversation about what ideas you have.



We translate your ideas into drawings for review and collaboration



Approval and finalizing with engineers and consultants for building permit applications

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