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Which Room Should You Renovate First?


Renovation projects can add tons of value to your Dublin, California home. But the first thing you should renovate isn’t a room at all – it’s your infrastructure. Has your roof been leaking? Is your HVAC system getting old? How’s your water heater doing? Only after those essential elements are in order should you think about room renovations.

In general, the two best rooms to renovate to maximize property value are the master bathroom and the kitchen. These rooms often have the most obviously outdated appliances and decor. Call the expert architects at Molinar Home Design to make your renovation smooth sailing.


Renovation projects can be tricky. There’s so much conflicting advice out there that it can be hard to know where to turn. Trust the professionals at Molinar Home Design to give you advice that’s best for your home. Here are four common mistakes we see homeowners make when they’re thinking about renovating:

1 Renovating rooms they don’t spend time in. If you’re not selling your house immediately, why waste money renovating a room you never use? Make your home more beautiful by making it somewhere you love spending time. 

2 Using cheap materials to save money. Cheap materials will lower the value of your home. The professionals at Molinar Home Design will save you money where it makes sense and invest in quality materials where it will increase your home’s value. 

3 Undergoing complete overhauls when a simple paint job would do. Every room doesn’t need the sledge hammer. Repaint your dining room and save the bulldozer for the kitchen. 

4 Not hiring an architect. We might be biased on this one, but homeowners who forego hiring an architect miss out on key design insights. 

When you work with a seasoned professional like Mark, you’re much less likely to make mistakes. Call Molinar Home Design at 925-200-2598 to get your renovation project started off on the right foot.